Summer Time consists of 12 pictures to remind us that we do have a summer in the UK (albeit short). The pictures are all digital THE GARDENS AT LADY FARM. Lady Farm is at Chelwood near Bath. The Gardens are opened to the public a few times each year and are well worth a visit SWALLOWS AT LADY FARM. It is unusual to see a pair of Swallows perched (I should have got closer it would have been a good picture). PAMPAS GRASS AT LADY FARM. How is it that other photographers make this sort of picture look good? THE LAKE AND A FAMILY OF SWANS AT LADY FARM. THE WATERFALL AT LADY FARM. THE GYPSY CARAVAN AT LADY FARM. This lovely gypsy caravan is on show at Lady Farm RAINDROPS ON LEAVES. This is the type of photograph that always looks good when someone else takes it!! MOTOR BIKE AT BAILBROOK LANE. This motorbike was photographed outside the famous "Tin Church" at Bailbrook Lane Bath. MUMBLES LIGHTHOUSE. Although on an island the lighthose can be reached when the tide is out. MUMBLES PIER. The picture was taken from Mumbles Lighthouse, in the background are the hills of Swansea and Port Talbot THE MOORHEN. Why do they always look away just as you press the shutter button? BOSHERSTON LILY PONDS.  Situated in South Pembrokeshire's national park, well worth a visit. Click on any picture to reveal its full size and caption