The resort of BLACKPOOL often refered to as the “Jewel of the North” is host to many millions of tourists and holiday makers each year. Its multitude of attractions include the world famous Tower, the Pleasure Beach, (hosting one of the largest roller coasters in the world) 3 fine Victorian piers, trams, illuminations and much more. TERRY WYATT made his first visit in October 2010 and photographed many of the sights. We have selected 12 of them for your enjoyment. BLACKPOOL TOWER, one of the UK's most famous landmarks. These are a few of the many thousands of suspended illumiations that dominate the full 7 miles of the Promenade. One of the speciality trams used during the illumination season taking visitors on special tours. One of the amazing illuminated tableaux situated on the North Shore. One of the many trams that are in everyday service in Blackpool. One of the tablaux photographed in daylight, everyone knows someone who looks like this, (Terry and I certainly do). One of the original style trams, on this occasion it was being used for driver training. This shot was taken from the top of BLACKPOOL TOWER facing the North Shore.  TOWER BALLROOM the home of ballroom dancing. PHIL KELSALL seated at the console of the most famous Wurlitzer in the world. SHOULD HAVE GONE TO SPECSAVERS! This fantastic high speed roller coaster was used in the making of one of the Specsavers TV commercials. Terry is pictured here with 3 of his friends, we are not quite sure which one is Terry, (answers on a postcard please!) Click on any picture to reveal its full size and caption