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I love taking pictures. I now have a large collection of images and I also like to share thoughts and reflections that have come to mind. This picture is of a sculpture called (not surprisingly) “Love” by the US artist Robert Indiana. The picture was taken at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park – a favourite place of mine. There are quite a lot of versions of this dotted around the world, and we came across one when we visited Kyoto several years ago. It is big, bold and impressive. You can see what it is. Lovers often pose in front or around the sculpture. People always want to take pictures of it. However, the artist was not thinking of romance when he created this. He was inspired by his religious upbringing. The primary motivator for this piece was “God is Love”, which had become part of the fabric of his own life. As Christians we are always reminded of God’s love when we encounter Jesus. This is often through examples of love shared by those we meet, both in the church and in our community. When we gather for worship we recognise God’s love in Jesus through our prayers, the bible and our hymns. I hope that you can see that God is Love. If you need some help getting “Love” in focus, then please come along and join us. We are a community that seek to encounter and share in God’s love together as we follow Jesus, day-by-day and week-by-week. Grace and Peace. John  
Hello, I’m John Hayes, the Minister at Chew Stoke Methodist Church. I have the privilege of supporting this faithful community of Christians as part of the Methodist Church. I live in Keynsham, where I am also the Minister. Chew Stoke has a rich heritage of being both a worshipping community, and also a small group who love to share the journey with those in the village and surrounding area We are proud of our church, which has a long tradition and we love to see it being used to support and help our local community. You will be made really welcome at any of our services, lunches and events. Please check the website for details of times and dates. We are also hear to listen and to help if we can. So please feel free to get in touch with me or any of the people on our Who’s Who page – we’d love to chat.
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Reverend John